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Bohn Log Home Restoration

We are a Log Home Repair, Restoration and Preservation company based out of Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada and we have been called the masters of our craft.  We offer interior and exterior log home repair, rot repair, chinking, refinishing and maintenance.  The majority of the work of log home restoration and preservation is the removal of old and flaking stain or paint. With time and lack of maintenance, most coatings on a log home will break down, leaving the raw wood exposed to the weather. Damage done by the sun and other weather can cause the logs to turn grey or dark and start to breakdown. The lack of protection from the elements is the most common kind of deterioration we see with log homes. If the condition is not taken care of the wood will start to rot. There are also many homes that have not been sealed properly and have allowed energy loss while allowing insects to take up residence! Some insects, if allowed to go un-checked, can promote the rotting process of almost any log structure. The chinking will stick to the log work and allow the logs to move as they expand and contract.
When we are finished, the log home looks better than when it was new. Now, the homeowners have a solid, problem-free investment and could easily sell their restored log home with a warranty. If a real estate broker compares other log homes that have not been through our restoration process to the restored home, the restored homes are the first to sell.
I am proud of the results that we have created through outstanding craftsmanship, time-tested procedures, and proper applications of high quality materials. Please feel free to call or email us for an opinion on your home. We would be happy to come out and inspect your home. We can then draft for you a project assessment and list of objectives that will improve your home’s appearance and efficiency.

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